5 Best Cash Advance Apps & Payday Loan Apps That Loan You Money in 2022

Given the high inflation environment we currently live in, unexpected expenses can sometimes derail your financial plans, forcing you to wait for your next paycheck. However, it doesn’t have to be, as cash advance apps can help provide hassle-free short-term funding.

This article discusses five of the best instant payday cash advance apps, covering their fees, features, and eligibility criteria.

Best cash advance apps – quick pick for 2022:

Below are five of the best payday loan apps currently available on the market; they don’t lend money directly, but connect you to a range of lenders in the US – all of which will be reviewed later in this article:

  1. Viva Payday Loans – Best cash advance app overall
  2. Heart Paydays – Leading cash application loan with fast application
  3. Credit Clock â€“ User-friendly payday loan apps with flexible repayments
  4. Money Lender Squad – Best instant cash advance app for fast payments
  5. Very Merry Loans – Popular with unemployment cash advance apps

General Eligibility Criteria to Take Advantage of Instant Cash Advance Apps

Below are some of the main criteria to keep in mind when using apps that lend you money until payday:

  • Must be over 18
  • Must reside in the United States
  • Can provide ID
  • Can provide proof of regular income
  • Must have a bank account
  • Can provide proof of address

Five Best Cash Advance Apps in 2022 – Full Reviews:

1. Viva Payday Loans â€“ Best Cash Advance App Overall

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One of the top picks for the best payday loan apps is Viva Payday Loans. As the name suggests, this provider can help facilitate short-term loans that see you through to payday. This is achieved through the Viva Payday Loans payday loan app portal, which offers funds of up to $5,000.

APRs range from 5.99% to 35.99%, with repayment periods of up to 24 months. The advantage of Viva payday loans is that the application process is completely online, which means there is no paperwork to deal with. Finally, applicants can typically receive a loan decision in just two minutes – with same-day funding available in certain situations.


  • Dedicated customer support
  • APRs are as low as 5.99%
  • Same day financing available

The inconvenients

  • Not available in some states

2. Heart Paydays – First Cash Application Loan with Quick Application

Heart Paydays is another option when it comes to quick payday loan apps. Much like Viva Payday Loans, Heart Paydays is an online platform that lets you connect to cash advance applications with no credit check (see terms) up to $5,000. Depending on your situation, all FICO scores are welcome to apply for financing, with APRs as low as 5.99%.

Heart Paydays also offers repayment periods of up to 24 months, which means you can pay off your loan bit by bit. This provider also works with people with bad credit, although the final decision is ultimately up to the end lender. Finally, the application process for Heart Paydays is incredibly streamlined and usually only takes two minutes.


  • All FICO scores are welcome
  • Repayment terms up to 24 months
  • Works with people who have bad credit

The inconvenients

  • Not available in all states

3. Credit Clock – User-Friendly Payday Loan Apps with Flexible Repayments

Similar to cash advance apps like Dave, Credit Clock is one of the best apps that lends you money until payday (see terms), offering quick loans up to $1,000. There are no high fees to incur when applying, while loan decisions are often made within minutes. In terms of interest, APRs can range from 5.99% to 35.99%, with repayment periods between 3 and 6 months.

Like the other providers mentioned in this article, Credit Clock’s app is completely online, meaning there’s no need to make phone calls or submit paper forms. For this reason, Credit Clock can often facilitate same-day financing. The lending decision will rest with Credit Clock’s partner lenders.


  • Cash advance apps like Dave
  • Digital application process
  • Same day cash advance application

The inconvenients

  • Additional affordability criteria will apply

4. Money Lender Squad – Best Instant Cash Advance App for Quick Payments

With its user-friendly online cash app portal and flexible funding options, Money Lender Squad is one of the most popular instant cash advance apps that lends you money (by logging in to a lender). Users can apply for loans ranging from $100 to $5,000, making a loan decision in minutes.

There are no hidden fees for applying for a loan, and it’s easy to find a repayment plan that suits your unique financial situation. Finally, Money Lender Squad does not discriminate when it comes to bad credit or unemployment benefits, which means it can work with anyone to find a potential financing solution.


  • No hidden fees
  • Chime-compatible cash advance apps
  • Online application

The inconvenients

  • The decision is up to the final lender

5. Very Merry Loans – Popular with Unemployment Cash Advance Apps

Complete the list of best cash advance apps with Very Merry Loans. This provider is one of the more popular apps on the list, with a handy loan structure calculator that details the provider’s APRs and repayment terms. Very Merry Loans works with cash advance applications without a credit check (see terms), with decisions made in minutes.

Assuming your application is accepted, Very Merry Loans can put you in touch with a lender to grant you the loan the same day. The specific APR offered will vary by lender, although it can be as low as 5.99%. Considering these features, Very Merry Loans is undoubtedly one of the best payday loan apps out there.


  • No registration fees
  • Handy Loan Calculator
  • Same day ready available

The inconvenients

Features of Cash Advance Apps and Factors to Consider

Finally, here are three of the best features about cash advance apps that will lend you money that makes them so appealing:

Quick cash advance apps offer a fully digitized application process, which can be completed through your browser. This means the process is incredibly simple and can often result in same-day funding.

Fast payments

All the platforms mentioned in this article offer fast payouts, even for those with bad credit. Although obtaining a loan is not always guaranteed, each provider will work with partner lenders to find a solution that works for all parties.

Dedicated customer support

Finally, many of the payday loan apps mentioned in this article have a dedicated customer support team. This ensures that you can always receive the help you need, whether it is related to the application process, the loan structure or any other related area.


This article has discussed five of the best cash loan apps on the market, giving an overview of their fees, features, and usability. One of the most recommended cash loan apps is Viva Payday Loans, thanks to its fast application process and dedicated customer support team.


What cash advance apps lend you money?

Cash advance apps are platforms that can facilitate short-term loans that can help you out until your next payday.

How do cash advance apps work?

Our list of payday advance apps works by taking you through a short application process and then matching you with a lender who may require additional accessibility checks.

Are apps that lend you money until payday easy to use?

Yes, these apps can be used through your web browser, with the application process only taking a few minutes.

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