Deputies who render a great service to the State

Sam George is MP for Ningo Prampram

Sam Nartey George, MP for Ningo-Prampram, said MPs are doing the state a great service by agreeing to pay off part of their loans to buy cars.

According to him, the state needed to provide these vehicles to the deputies in order to facilitate their work, but he refused to do so because of the cost of maintaining these vehicles.

He told Bridget Otoo on “One on One” that it is the duty of the state to provide vehicles to the legislature since it does so for the executive and the judiciary, but he refused. because of the cost of maintenance.

“I took the auto loans given to MPs because it’s a workstation vehicle… Judges get V8s, V6s and sedans, ministers get land cruisers and sedans; these are owned, maintained, serviced and powered by the state, but when it comes to MPs, they give us a loan, ”said Sam George.

“Among judges and ministers, neither category travels as much as MPs. Each deputy at least once a week or a month, travels out of his post in his constituency …

“We travel a lot more, we provide the vehicles, we don’t give out loans. Buy the cars; buy a car for Ningo-Prampram, regardless of the deputy; you fix the car, maintain the car, the person uses the car when they leave, they go away… the government will not do that because the wear and tear and the cost of maintaining the vehicles will be more than giving loans », The deputy explained.

Sam George estimates that if the state decides to provide MPs with official vehicles and maintain them due to the nature of an MP’s job and the travel involved, it would cost an average of $ 2,000 per month to maintain the vehicles. .

As a result, the state thought it would be prudent to give a loan to MPs so that they pay 40% while 60% is absorbed by the state.

“People must understand that MPs are doing a great service to the state by agreeing to pay part of the [loans used in buying the] vehicles they use for their work, ”said Sam Nartey George.

Parliament approved in July 2021 the $ 28 million car loan presented by the Ministry of Finance to facilitate the purchase of 275 vehicles for members of the Eighth Parliament.

According to documents presented by the Ministry of Finance, MPs will pay only 40% of the principal of the loan, while the government will bear 60% of the principal and all the interest that accumulates on the loan.

“The repayment of the facility by the beneficiaries will be made by withholding tax by the Ghana Parliamentary Service to the NIB. Repayment by beneficiaries and the Government of Ghana will be made at the end of each month during the term of the agreement, ”parts of the agreement read.