Have you taken out a payday loan with AMG? You could get a refund

Today, the FTC is sending a second round of refunds to some of those affected by a major payday loan program run by AMG Services, Inc. that used names like 500FastCash, OneClickCash, Ameriloan, UnitedCashLoans, and USFastCash, among others. . If you got a payday loan online from an AMG-related company, you might receive a check in the mail. If you do, cash it before August 17, 2022.

The FTC sued AMG for charging people far more for the loans than they originally agreed to pay and sent the first round of refunds in 2018. Now the FTC sends over 690,000 refund checks totaling $152 million. wondering if the check you received is real? To visit ftc.gov/amg to verify your check.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Checks will arrive automatically. You do not need to apply or complete a claim form.
  • Checks expire August 17, 2022, so don’t wait to submit yours.
  • To verify that the check is from the FTC, go to ftc.gov/amg.
  • For any questions regarding your check or the refund process, call the administrator (Rust Consulting) at 1-866-730-8147, or email [email protected].

And remember that the FTC will never ask you to pay money or give out your account information for a refund. So if someone asks you for something in exchange for your AMG refund check, it’s a scam. Report it to ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

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