Lam Chu Tai Chinh launched the new installment loan policies on their online platform.

Lam Chu Tai Chinh is a financial website that only collects loan applications from approved businesses and guides and recommends suitable loans to customers. It is not a bank, finance company or insurance company. In recent development, the online company has launched new services to borrow money which fall into three categories:

  1. Borrow money quickly:

A quick loan is an overnight financial solution backed by ultra-fast money lenders based on Fintech technology with low interest rates, simple documents only ID cards, accepting bad customers and disbursing quickly in a short time.

Fast loan applications of the day support loan with a limit of 500k VND – 15 million VND, quick disbursement to bank account 5-30 minutes approval. Clients only need to be Vietnamese citizens between the ages of 18 and 60 and have a minimum income of 3 million VND/month to apply for a loan.

Quick Loan Via App

Fast loan via app is a quick loan with just an ID card which customers only need on the loan app on CH Play or App Store and install it on their phone to apply for a loan.

Fast Loan on Website

Fast loans on the website are customers who go directly to the lender’s website to register with many exceptional advantages such as:

  • Borrow money fast according to available instructions
  • No personal information is infiltrated
  • Feedback from the consulting team promptly
  • Fast loan processing

Fast loans with ID cards have many advantages including simple profile, fast disbursement, customer support for bad debts, flexible loan limit, prestigious fast loan support unit and fast loan at low interest rate.

  1. Borrow money online:

A fast online loan is a solution that only requires an ID without collateral and registers 100% online on smartphones under the P2P lending model (loan between individuals) supported by lenders – reputable online loans.

Borrow Money Online supports quick financial solutions within a day with a loan limit of 500,000 VND – 10,000,000 VND only with an ID card, disbursed directly through a bank account after the approval of the ready.

Borrow apps are apps that support online loans installed on mobile phones (smartphones) by downloading from CH Play (for phones using Android operating system) and AppStore (for phones using Android operating system) iOS operating system). Credit support units often develop online loan applications alongside the registered version on the website.

Borrowing money through the app is a form of loan that many customers choose to register for its convenience and speed in the approval and disbursement process. Online loan website helps customers to apply for loan online directly in browser – website of loan service provider by clicking on link to borrow money online. With online loans on the web, customers can do this on phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and more.

  1. To borrow money

An installment loan is a form of unsecured consumer loan in which the monthly payment amount includes both principal and interest and is divided equally by the total number of installments as per the loan agreement. Installment loans help solve short-term financial needs with loans with flexible limits ranging from VND 500,000 to VND 70 million with preferential interest rates.

Finance companies and banks often offer installment loans to individual customers who need loans for shopping, consumption, paying bills, or for other purposes that are not contrary to regulation. The bank and the law. Currently, there are two most popular forms of monthly installment loans:

  • The first is installment loans or installment consumer loans from finance companies/banks.
  • The second is to borrow money quickly; users have to pay monthly installments to online money lenders.

Potential users should visit the official website for more information.

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