Differentiate between personal loans and car loans

Many people dream of having a car. If you are also considering buying a car and need direct deposit loans in minutes, you may want professional advice on which loan option will best suit your needs. Should I apply for a personal loan or a car loan? What is the difference between these two credit products? […]

Nova Scotia UARB Cuts Payday Loan Interest Rates

Payday lenders will get a smaller share of Nova Scotians’ checks later this year. In a decision released Tuesday, the provincial Utilities and Review Board (UARB) lowered the maximum interest such lenders can charge from $19 on a $100 loan to $17, effective Sept. 1. As of January 1, 2024, this number will drop. again, […]

What you need to know about payday loan ads on social media

If you’ve ever needed extra cash to prepare for your next paycheck, you understand the appeal of a payday loan. Now, video ads on places like TikTok are promoting small, short-term loans to a new, young audience — and making them look cheap and easy. However, just because it looks simple doesn’t mean it is. Predatory […]

Record number of millennials default on car loans

As prices for new and used vehicles continue to rise in the United States, a record number of millennials and Gen Zers are struggling to keep pace with their auto loans than before the COVID pandemic. -19. TransUnion, the credit reporting agency, released new data comparing auto loan delinquency rates from before the pandemic to […]

More and more people are falling behind on their auto loans

People are falling behind on car loans, Toyota is slowing production lines, and Audi is suing NIO for copyright infringement. All this and more in The morning shift for June 16, 2022. 1st Gear: This surely bodes well for the economy as a whole Ford Chief Financial Officer John Lawler said Wednesday Mustang Mach-E manufacturing costs were risingand […]

The Scoop on Bad Auto Loans

Do you know your credit score? This three-digit number carries considerable weight throughout your adult life. It can determine whether buying big-ticket items like a car or house is easy or stressful. For many people, this last point is true, as their credit scores may still improve due to periods of financial instability or limited […]

Fed interest rate hike expected to impact mortgages and auto loans

Mortgages, car loans and credit card debt are about to get more expensive. The big picture: The era of cheap borrowing is over: the Federal Reserve is trying to rein in the economy, and the cost of borrowing is rising as it rushes to contain inflation. Higher borrowing costs could cause consumers and businesses to withhold […]

PayPal expands buy-it-now and pay-later with installment loans

PayPal Holdings Inc. is pushing further into the growing “buy now, pay later” arena by offering installment loans for larger purchases. Consumers will be able to make monthly payments on purchases of $199 to $10,000 for two years, PayPal said in a statement. Annual percentage rates on loans could reach 29.99% and consumers will be subject to […]