Best Loans Online for Bad Credit and Quick Low Interest Loans

We all know how difficult and impossible it can be to find reliable online lenders with guaranteed approvals. Indeed, more and more scammers are appearing in the lending industry, and you no longer know who to trust. On top of that, many lenders won’t even consider your application if you have a bad credit rating. […]

CT consumers will get a refund from the payday loan collection agency

The state’s banking department has reached a settlement with a consumer collection agency trying to collect payday loans that can’t be enforced in Connecticut. Connecticut-licensed consumer collection agencies cannot collect on small loans (less than $15,000) from unlicensed non-exempt lenders, including those affiliated with tribes. Small loans issued to Connecticut consumers by licensed or exempt […]

The definition of secured loans

Is a loan secured? The term “secured loan” refers to a type of loan that is guaranteed by a third party (or takes over the obligation) should that the borrower fails to pay. In some cases, a secured loan is secured by a government agency that will buy the loan from the financial institution lending it […]

Should you ever get a payday loan?

When you’re low on cash between paychecks or have an unexpected financial emergency, a payday loan can be a tempting option to help you make ends meet or access cash quickly. However, these short-term loans, which are usually due on the day of your next payday, are extremely risky. They come with very high interest […]

Car loans | MUSK | Charleston, South Carolina

Car loans Transportation is a need. Although buying a car is not the only way to obtain transportation, most people buy new or used cars to satisfy this need. There are three main ways to purchase a vehicle. Cash purchase Automatic loan car leases Find out how to buy a car (PDF). Since cars can […]

What are installment loans and how do they work?

An installment loan is a lump sum of money that you borrow and then repay at fixed intervals. Installment loans are often used to finance a major purchase, such as a house, car or boat, or to fund education, although you can get an installment loan for almost any reason. If you’re wondering what an installment loan is, […]

US Used Car Loan Market Report 2022 –

The “U.S. used car loan market, by vehicle type (hatchback, sedans, SUVs) by financier (OEMs, banks, NBFCs) by percentage of sanctioned amount (up to 25%, 25-50%, 51-75%, greater than 75%) by tenure, by region, competition forecast and opportunities, 2027″ has been added to the report from offer. The US used car loan market is expected to grow at […]

Auto industry faces final hurdle as interest rates impact auto loans

There is still some selection at Stephen Toyota in Bristol. “I have inventory available, I also have quite a few used cars available,” said Cody Gill, general manager of sales for Stephen Toyota. Although it was a bit slower to get people through the lot. “Interest has been a little slower, it could be interest rates a […]